We capture, filter and analyze millions of data to make your business decision-making process much simpler.

In BPulse we evaluate the pulse of your business in real time. We transform all your data in useful and efficient information to accelerate your decision making process.

A Big Data Solution

Capture and process high volumes of data in real time. This makes your decision-making process much simpler and allows you to discover new business opportunities.

Real time monitoring

Easily monitor and view in real time all the value chain elements in your business.

Collaborative environment

Collaborate, share and analyze along with your customers and suppliers the performance of your business.

Improvement in all the layers of your business

Accelerate all the operative levels in your business by having this fast and efficient tool.

BPulse - Big Data Solution

Identify the vital signs of your business

Get an easily available integral view of everything that happens in your business, all in real time

Accelerating all your operational levels

Big Data Analytics
Scrum, Agile Methodology

Product Features

Big Data Features

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