You can easily visualize and monitor, in real time, all the elements of your company’s value chain

Right now, your business is generating thousands of data that are not properly processed. This information is vital to reach a higher level of certainty in operational and strategic decisions that you must make every day.

How can you solve this?

BPulse is a Big data solution envisioned and designed to control uncertainty in business by capturing, filtering and analyzing millions of data each second.

BPulse allows you to efficiently assess in real time all the elements of your value chain so you can make faster and more accurate decisions for you to discover new business opportunities.

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BPulse, Big Data Analytics

BPulse is the right solution for your business

Real Time monitoring

Easily monitor and visualize all the elements of your business’ value chain by the second.

Collaborative Environment

Collaborate, share and analyze along with your customers and providers your business performance.

Improvement in all the layers of your business

We will give you the tools to boost the speed of your business’s operational level in the easiest and fastest way.

A Big Data Solution

Capture and process large amounts of data in real time so your decision-making process and the discovery of new business opportunities get much simpler.

How BPulse can benefits your business?

  • Capturing, processing and storing large amounts of data in real time in an easy and scalable way.
  • Monitoring in real time what is happening in your business so you can easily and efficiently take action.
  • Discovering patterns and tendencies that will help you to generate new business opportunities. You can view and assess in real time all the elements of your value chain.
  • Visualizing and assessing in real time all the elements of your value chain.
  • Generating continuous improvement environment by assessing your business performance using your historical results and KPIs.
  • Accelerating all the operational layers of your business using a single tool that allows real time monitoring, indicators tracking and managing, and strategic analysis of your information.
  • Generating a collaborative environment that fosters improvement in the performance of your working teams, your customers and suppliers.
  • BPulse gives you the opportunity to explore information at a granular level. It enables your operational teams to spot a specific event among millions of others so you can accelerate daily operations.

Take the Pulse of your Business

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BPulse in your business