big data analytics

BPulse Features in Big Data

Business Modeling

Accelerate all operational levels by modeling your business’ reality in a simple way. You can co-relate KPI’s behavior with your everyday operations.

Características de Big Data
análisis de datos, analisis de datos

Data capturing and Events

Capture the high volumes of data that your business generates by the second using integration APIs. These are thought-out to link multiple sources of data in a simple and agile manner.

Real-time visualization

You can view the behavior of all the elements of your business’ value chain in real time using state-of –the-art graphic components.

You can use multiple 100% customizable dashboards, operating independently and exploring the granular level information coming to identify a single relevant piece of information data on millions of data.

big data analytics, business intelligence
big data analytics, business intelligence


Monitor and control complex events in your business by setting alarms that can alert over critical behaviors and over unexpected situations. This feature enables you to act fast in order to avoid any problems.

Collaborative model

Collaborate, share and analyze along with your customers and suppliers your business performance.

Entorno Colaborativo
big data analytics, business intelligence


You can consolidate into Management and Control Reports the millions of data that your business continuously generates so your teams can systematically follow-up all your goals and responsibilities.

Mathematical Analysis

Take advantage of the millions of data your business generates every second. This feature allows you to study behavioral patterns to identify valuable trends and data that will either allow you to make decisions to accelerate the value chain of your business, or make decisions to generate competitive advantages.

big data analytics, business intelligence

Integration with Corporate BI

Allow other corporate tools to easily and safely access the millions of data that are captured and consolidated in real time by BPulse.